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The hard hitting facts. We all seen Belfast’s troubled past on our TV screens and now 1000’s of people want to see for themselves what was going on.

A war torn city is how Belfast could be described with the bombs, the bullets and the riots taking hold of the city. The heart felt images that were broadcast around the world have all but gone, but the key sites and history remains to be told..

Our Guides have a full knowledge of the British / Irish conflict and can give you an in depth tour of the the troubled areas. Giving you both perspectives as seen from both Protestant and and Catholic communities.

Getting up close to some of the famous scenes and visiting the museums where a large collection of artifacts are stored will give you a tour that you will never forget. You will get to hear first hand experiences from people who lived through the conflict and visit areas that still strive to ‘normalise’ and put the conflict behind them.

Make sure to read some of the comments and feedback that previous passengers have submitted and also don’t forget to leave your own comments after the tour.

Conflict in Belfast
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